5 Simple DIY Plumber Tips For Bathroom Renovations in Calgary

Updating the plumbing system is one of the significant tasks in remodelling a bathroom. Sometimes, it requires a skilled plumber to do this plumbing works. But if you’re confused with the question of “Can, a plumber do a bathroom renovation?”. Plumbers are only cover with installing or upgrading pipes, water heaters, or any related plumbing tasks.

Expert plumber in Calgary gave us some tips and advice in plumbing works. If you can’t handle it by yourself, you are free to reach out to us. In this blog, you will learn the top 5 simple DIY plumber tips for bathroom renovation.

Bathroom Renovations in Calgary: Plumber DIY Tips

1. Repairing leaks on your bathroom toilet

Annoying water leakages gave us a headache. Not only because of inconvenience but also the amount of wasted water. So, how to avoid this? If you do the bathroom renovation by yourself, you can repair the leaks by adjusting the closet bolts that attached the toilet to the floor. Use screwdrivers or knives to tighten each bolt. If symptoms persist, seek professional help as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to call a plumber specialist near you.

2. Fixing the clogged bathroom sinks

There was a time when we struggle to deal with clogged bathroom sinks. The worst scenario you’ll ever see is overflowing water full of dirt. Good thing, you can use the natural substance to fix the issue instead of buying drain cleaner with harmful chemicals. Here is an impressive DIY plumber trick. You need to get hot water, baking soda, and vinegar to mix them. The clogged drain will successfully flush down.

3. Refurbishing outdated shower heads

Have you ever experience taking a bath for too long? It’s because of the slow-running water coming out from your shower. The most common problems in the faulty plumbing system are low water pressure in showerheads. When you do the bathroom renovation, you can apply the easiest thing to solve this problem. Put vinegar in a thick plastic bag to remove the stuck rust. Wrapped them around in the neck of the showerhead and tied them with durable rubber bands. Let the process going overnight and come back in the morning.

4. Restoring loose bathroom faucets

Don’t forget about restoring one of the crucial fixtures in your bathroom. We all know how important the faucet, it runs the flow of water properly. In other words, loose faucets will likely give out of control water flows. It’s essential to update your bathroom faucets regularly, especially when you overuse them. Tighten the screws up by removing the flatheads (if the screws are inside of them). Adjust it until the handle is in the proper place and stopped shaking.

5. Installing drain coverings

Lastly, consider upgrading your drainage system on your bathroom renovation. Open drains in sinks and on your shower are prone to drain blockages. Small objects like hair, toothpaste caps, soap scums, and other tiny things block the pipe’s water flows. You can prevent this by simply installing drain coverings. It can be a purchase that suits your budget in home depot stores. Once you put them on sinks and showers, make sure to clean them frequently.

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