4 Categories of Home Renovation Projects May Increase Home Value

Home renovation works are not simply adding decorative styles or changing the layouts. But also upscales its property value in real estate markets. Keep in mind that your property is a good opportunity for enhancing your investment. The best way to boost the value is simply to do the remodeling job.

Even though you worked with a professional home renovation contractor to do the remodeling job. There is no guarantee if you can get what you expected – a value improvement. Well, in fact, there are strategic ways to enhance the property value in the market. This article will guide you to broaden the understanding relating to each category based on the industry standards.

4 Categories of home renovation projects

1. The basics

The real estate buyers mostly expect the basic features of your property. In terms of home renovation projects, consider the quality of your home for an effective value booster. This includes non-leaky roofs, a well-functioning plumbing system, and complete flooring. It also includes a good furnace, a dry basement, solid walls, gutters and downspouts, and other important structures.

2. Curb appeal

Building strong impressions is vital for your home to attract real estate buyers. Enhancing your curb appeal can boost the appearance of your home’s interior and exterior designs. So when you do the home renovation project for curb appeal enhancement, consider adding eye-catching landscaping or garden, and updated fixtures. Fresh interior and exterior wall paint, clean carpets, green lawn, and other aspects that can impact its appearance.

3. Value Added

The essential structures that maximize the high return of investment are big fans of realtor advocates. An ultimate way to boost property value is to do home renovation projects. Such as kitchen remodeling, new siding, refurbished decks, new windows, upgraded bathrooms, and so on. Considering doing these remodeling tasks. With energy-saving features will likely hike up good dividends in your property value.

4. Personal preference

Based on the name itself, this category focuses on the installation because of your interests. For example, you have decided to make additional indoor space for your game room or library. In typical cases, they add a swimming pool, tennis court, or ponds for outdoor surroundings. The disadvantage of it, not all home buyers will find it valuable. They may consider it as high maintenance design features or a safety hazard. So if you’re planning to install additional accessories for selling your property. One must think about the function and usability of nifty features.

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Bathroom with tube renovation
4 Categories of Home Renovation Projects May Increase Home Value l Jared Rice on Unsplash

Wrapping it up

Before doing a home renovation works for value enhancement purposes. Consider choosing the appropriate strategies with these four main categories; the basics, curb appeal, value-added, personal preference. Applying one of these main categories will likely boost the property value as you expect. In terms of meeting the industry standard. It is advisable you hire a professional home renovation contractor for cost-effective and well-achieved results.

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