20 Simple and Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeover Ideas

A bathroom makeover does not require a considerable amount of money to fulfill your needs to change. Numerous ideas written in this blog in revamping your bathroom are quite simple and easy.

If you want to demolish some area to add more space and install the latest architectural designs in your bathroom, hiring a professional home renovator is required.

Realtors and homeowners update their restroom because of these reasons. Why should you remodel your bathroom?. Before we go further, here are some advantages to consider in renovating your bathroom:

  • Increases property value in real estate investments
  • Improves energy efficiency and functionality of your home
  • A well-organized bathroom maximizes spaces 
  • Highlights the existing interior aesthetic designs
  • The newly renovated bathroom gets the latest essential elements, such as tiles, faucet, shower, etc.

But how often should a bathroom be renovated? Getting a bathroom makeover is good to be done every four to five years, depending on the urgency. If you notice some eyesores and odd changes, then it’s a wake-up sign that you need to remodel your restroom.

Budget-friendly and simple ideas to makeover your bathroom

Revamping the ceilings, walls, and tiles

  • Updating the fixtures for brighter lightings
  • Replacing the crumbled tiles on the floor
  • Refurbishing existing tiles in the shower area
  • Applying fresh paint on ceilings and wall
  • Fixing up the old bathroom door

Transforming cabinets and storages

  • Refreshing and organizing cabinets
  • Installing a vanity set and tops
  • Cleaning the existing vanity mirror
  • Refurbish wooden finishings of dressers
  • Installing wall-mounted multi-tasking racks

Updating faucets, toilets, and shower

  • Cleaning the bathtub instead of installing new
  • Doing the plumbing works by yourself
  • Replacing sink faucets if damaged
  • Refurbishing prefabricated showerheads
  • Disinfecting toilet seats and bowls

Other essential features used daily

  • Changing the window and shower curtains
  • Placing newly washed rags and towels
  • Installing wall mounting towel rails
  • Enhancing the entryway in the bathroom
  • Installing wall mounted hooks

Bonus tips! By the way, this is only an optional choice. Suppose you want to make some artistic design to show your creativity or emphasize your environmental friendliness. You can apply these additional tips to your bathroom makeover.

  • Setting up fancy wall frames and decorations
  • Adding small spaces for indoor potted plants
  • Placing some scented air purifiers or candles
  • Installing useful bathroom accessories such as:
  1. Hand soap dispensary
  2. Toothbrush holders
  3. Toothbrush dispensary
  4. Storage jars
  5. Trash bins
20 Simple and Budget-Friendly Bathroom Makeover Ideas I Andrew Collins on Pixabay

Wrapping it all up

A bathroom makeover is one of the common revamping projects done by professional home renovators. Usually intends in value appraisals in real estate investments or wanting to make some changes. Renovating your bathroom brings numerous advantages, as we mentioned above. Important features such as ceilings, walls, floorings, cabinets, bathroom fixtures, and other essentials are needed to be changed or replaced when it comes to updating your small bathroom.

Work with our expert home renovators

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